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Federal Government IT Consulting

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Proudly supporting the United States Intelligence Community.
Our team is at the heart of our nation’s defense and critical mission efforts.

We are looking for exceptional IT professionals to join our team. Have what it takes?
Contact us today to learn about available opportunities in the DMV!

Our Story

SCG was established in 2020 by James Mosley and Mike Dellinger who share a combined 38 years of IT experience supporting multiple Federal Government Agencies.

Having settled nicely into established careers, James and Mike found themselves motivated to share their expertise in an effort to help other IT professionals carve out rewarding careers of their own.

Scorpii – Latin for Antares, the red supergiant in the constellation of Scorpio and one of the brightest stars in the sky. Scorpii is representative of the vision James and Mike have for their company and is synonymous with the talent they strive to attract and provide.

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Our Story
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Salary is the backbone of any compensation package; SCG understands this, and our offerings reflect it.

We believe in low overhead and a lean, employee first approach. As such, we provide best-in-class medical insurance, generous 401K contribution match, and liberal PTO.

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Paid Time Off is crucial in achieving healthy work-life balance. At SCG, every employee receives 280 hours of PTO annually.

Bereavement, Jury Duty, and Maternity Leave are also included.

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SCG offers a very competitive insurance package including 100% employer paid premiums for Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage and Short- and Long-Term Disability insurance.

You never have to worry about the rising cost of Health Insurance. We have you covered!

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Every employee receives a 10% 401k contribution regardless of their personal contribution elections. A multitude of investment options are available, including highly regarded Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs.

All contributions are fully vested as of the employee’s start date; no waiting to get access to YOUR money!

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